Optimising Influencer marketing on LinkedIn: A new era of monetisation and collaboration

Croud Luxe Marketing Team

20th May 2024

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Optimising Influencer marketing on LinkedIn

With the rise of Influencer marketing and the demand for authentic and engaging content, LinkedIn has seized the opportunity to optimise its platform for both Creators and brands. At Croud Luxe we’ve been exploring the recent developments and new platform features to discover how LinkedIn is shaping the future of professional networking and what this means for luxury brands… 

Monetisation Opportunities for Creators

LinkedIn recognised the value that Influencers bring to the platform and as a result, they’re beginning to introduce monetisation opportunities for Creators, over the last few months. By allowing Creators to tap into their professional networks and expertise, they can now generate direct revenue from their presence on LinkedIn through sponsored content, brand partnerships and even the ability to participate in LinkedIn’s revenue-sharing programs. 

LinkedIn Creator Mode

Creator Mode is a LinkedIn profile setting that allows users to grow their reach and influence on the platform. When turned on, users obtain access to additional tools and features that help create content and grow an audience base. It’s available to personal profiles with over 150 connections and a history of original content. 

To further optimise the experience, LinkedIn introduced a shared analytics feature that empowers Creator Mode users to share analytics with businesses when working on a campaign, allowing both the Creator and brand to have full visibility of the valuable insights. 

Collaborative Posting for Brands and Influencers

Instagram launched collaborative posts back in 2021 and now LinkedIn is testing a pretty much identical option. The new feature will publicly showcase the collaboration and enable Influencers and brands to have full access to the post insights. This not only fosters authentic brand promotion but also enhances the overall user experience.

By adopting these new approaches, LinkedIn is moving in line with the Creator monetisation strategies on other social media platforms. This shift opens up a new pathway for targeted promotion for brands and provides an incentive to Influencers to be more active on LinkedIn. 

The Opportunity for Luxury Brands

These advancements present new opportunities for all brands, including those in the more luxury and premium space. With LinkedIn primarily being a place for professionalism and business communications, influencer content will now give luxury brands the chance to share information from an external figure to foster more meaningful connections, as well as appealing to a wider audience, thanks to the influencers’ reach. Experience is imperative for luxury brands, something that influencers could bring to life and showcase, from events to an insider look around the brand HQ. With access to the shared analytics data, luxury brands can then tailor their campaigns for maximum impact.

In Conclusion…

If you haven’t considered working with Influencers on LinkedIn, it’s certainly a good time to build this into your overarching digital strategy with the new platform developments. As the Influencer landscape continues to evolve, LinkedIn’s commitment to Creator empowerment ensures that it remains a go-to platform for thought leadership and brand building in the digital age. 

Keen to get a head start in Influencer marketing on LinkedIn? ​​At Croud Luxe, we have a team of experts in the Social and Influencer sector, here to support you on any influencer marketing campaigns, whatever the brief, we’d love to hear from you!

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