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We are the Luxury division of the global award winning digital marketing agency, Croud. A specialist team with a passion for Luxury and a deep focus on the affluent.  

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Aston Martin

Delivering Organic Excellence for Aston Martin


In follower growth


Increased social engagements


Increase in branded and generic keyword ranking



Delivering cross-channel media excellence 


New users YoY in Q4


Sessions YoY in Q4


New customer revenue growth in Q4



Increasing SEM Revenue 


SEM Revenue uplift since 3 month test


Creed Fragrances

Launching Spring Flower cross-channel 


Surge in YoY sales


Uplift in revenue during campaign



Growing Flannels on TikTok


UGC videos 


# reach 


Roja Parfums

Launching the APEX fragrance within the UK market


Growth in New Users in the first month alone


New Users, over 3 month paid campaign period


Exceeded Revenue target



Increasing organic traffic and visibility for Maybourne 


Increase in organic revenue for Claridge’s YoY


Increase in organic revenue for The Connaught YoY


Increase in organic revenue for The Berkeley YoY

State of Luxe

State of Luxe 2021

Reaching & Engaging the Affluent Consumer of Today & Tomorrow. Our 2021 research looks at HNW surrounding behaviours and attitudes towards luxury in an attempt to understand what the affluent consumer is responsive to, and actively seeking out. 



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State of Luxe

State of Luxe 2022

Welcome to State of Luxe 2022. In this year’s annual report we analyse consumer behaviours of the HNW demographic and the prominent luxury trends we’ve seen throughout 2022. 


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State of Luxe

State of Luxe: Wealth Edition

This year we dive into the shifting wealth audiences and a view of the luxury consumer of tomorrow.

We explore the theme of wealth in greater detail; how the affluent are accruing wealth, and the underlying trends to who the wealthy will be tomorrow and what this all means for Luxury brands.

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