Roja Parfums

Launching the APEX fragrance within the UK market

Media Organic Performance


Growth in New Users in the first month alone


New Users, over 3 month paid campaign period


Exceeded Revenue target

The challenge

Before working with the Luxe team, Roja Parfums had never taken on an “always-on” approach to digital advertising. However, within a few months they were launching their new APEX fragrance in the UK with an always-on SEO, Paid Search and Paid Social strategy.

The solution

Due to the lack of historic data, we relied heavily on audience testing and frequent creative optimisations to build out audience personas and engage new and existing users on Paid Social. Our Paid Search and SEO work, then helped to encourage users through the funnel to continue their purchase journey.

Just before launching we encountered some additional Cookie Banner and Tracking complications on-site, however, with some robust tracking analysis and very technical troubleshooting we managed to get these up and running in time for launch.

The results

In the first month alone we brought in 43% more new users to site MoM, and a large % increase in revenue surpassing our target by 172%.

Over the whole campaign period, our Paid activity brought in 10,450 new users to site, and our converting channels (PPC and SEO) helped to pick up 1,038 conversions further down the funnel.