Growing Flannels on TikTok



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The challenge

As an evolving destination for the online consumer, VERB were delighted to take on the challenge and establish the e-commerce offering amongst the younger more digitally savvy consumer demographic.

Flannels is a multi-brand retailer, home to luxury clothing, footwear and accessories from the most coveted global designer brands. However, despite its greater portfolio of stores across all regions in the UK, it’s still a lesser known retailer. The ambition for this campaign was to build awareness; but build awareness with the younger, more trend conscious consumer. 

The strategy

Bringing our social media, influencer, content and media teams together, we worked with 30 TikTok creators, with a combined following of 9.5m. The key KPIs for the TikTok campaign included Views, Follower growth and Engagement. 

We launched an 8-week-long #ImTheMainCharacter Hashtag Challenge, which encouraged participation by giving entrants the chance to win a Flannels gift card. To grow Flannels’ organic presence 40 assets with 10 Creators were created, delivering over 60 pieces of content for the 8-week campaign.

Our influencer approach was three fold: first we built a campaign brief that saw each creator choose their ultimate Flannels’ outfit and create a TikTok against the #ImTheMainCharacter brief. Secondly we ran a content shoot in-store with creators allowing us to co-create content for the TikTok hashtag challenge. Thirdly, we launched the campaign with the creator’s content, first with the media Hashtag Challenge format, as well as organically across both the talent and brand’s channels.

The results

➔  3 billion views on the hashtag #ImTheMainCharacter

➔  467 UGC videos generated over the campaign period

➔  32.6m video views

➔  39k increase in followers